Welcome to the World Association For Dalmatians

This is the communication channel for the World Association For Dalmatians – the only international Dalmatian club.
Here you will find information about the WAFDAL organisation and about the Dalmatian.
All private persons and all recognised breeding clubs can become member of WAFDAL. You can simply fill in the appropriate application form on our website

Who We Are

Our club was founded in 1993 by several European Dalmatian breeding clubs. The idea was that breeding is only possible on an international level. Namely, health projects have to be coordinated between all breeding clubs involved. WAFDAL meetings are organised every two years in different countries. Since 2021, WAFDAL is open for private persons as well as for breeding clubs from all over the world.

Our Goals

Our main focus is on preserving and improving the health of our breed, but also on bringing together Dalmatian breeders/ lovers with all their knowledge and experience and facilitate breeding on an international level. We are organizing meetings, shows and other events in order to promote discussions, networks ans social contacts between all dalmatian lovers, and we support scientific projects on health and breeding.

Your Benefits From WAFDAL

Preserving our breed is a permanent and international effort. Breeders need to work together, no matter who they are and where they come from, and they need support from all other Dalmatian lovers. WAFDAL ist he only international Dalmatian club, we offer a worldwide network of breeders, judges, breed specialists or just Dalmatian fans. Everybody is invited to be part of our community. Your support helps us realizing our goals and preserving our beloved breed. Our members can take part in meetings and other events and get exclusive information from our board and working groups.

Country Clubs / Members