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*Taken from Dalmatisch Nieuws (Dutch Dalmatian Club), written by Lizzy Plat-Coelers

Comments to articles

There are occasional comments and questions to some of the articles. In general, the opinions of the authors are there their personal opinions and not necessarily the official policy of WAFDAL.
However a few remarks are required due to recent questions.
The article The Dalmatian Dilemma by the highly respected geneticist dr. Bruce Catttanach from 1999 can be supplied by the following recent publications:

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  3. ”Deafness prevalence and pigmentation and gender associations in dog breeds at risk”, by G.M. Strain, in The Veterinary Journal 167 (2004) 23-32.
  4. ”Heritability and segregation analysis of deafness in US Dalmatians”, by E.J. Cargill, T.R. Famula, G.M. Strain and K.E. Murphy, in Genetics 164 (2004) 1385-1393.

There has been a question if mega-oesophagus is related to ARDS. The answer is that we have no reason to believe there is any connection beteen these two diseases. Actually, we do not understand the question at all.