ARDS Tables

Known and theoretical carriers of ARDS

In the first table, ”generation L0”, all known carriers are included. This is both the parents of the ARDS-litters, the dogs in these litters and the dogs between the parents and the ”mother of ARDS”. One theoretical carrier, O´Soul Kavaljero, has been freed, because of his breeding results. Generation L1 includes all litters where a generation L0 dog is father or mother, generation L2 is the next, and so on.

If a litter is marked L1+L3, both parents are on the lines. Then the statistical probability of inheriting the genes is increased by a factor of 1.25 compared to if only the L1 parent was involved.

The tables are thought to be complete for the Nordic countries. Due to lack of information from several breed clubs, many litters from central/eastern European countries are missing.

How to read the tables:
The tables of L1 to L5 list litters, not individual dogs, sorted by registration year. The column for registration year also contains a national identification ( CZ for Czech Republic, D for Denmark, E for England, F for Finland, N for Norway, S for Sweden, T for Germany). For example is the Tachetee A litter registered by 1987 F. The names of the father and mother of each litter is given to the right of the litter name.

If the litter has no registered kennel/breeder name, and if the same letter is not used for all the puppies in a litter, the name of one dog is given, such as Oliver ++, sometimes with the breeeder´s name in parantheses and occasionally with registration numbers in the column far right. A few times the names of individual dogs in a litter have been included, where the identification otherwise is difficult (as for some Audhumla dogs).

All tables like this could contain errors, typographical or otherwise. Anyone who claims to have found an error in a table, should report this immediately to ECDC, who will then examine if a correction is required.

1974 F O´Soul Escada assumed mutation “mother” of ARDS L0
1978 F O´Soul Nobolino O´Soul Escada L0
1981 F Luonnonpuiston NotaBene O´Soul Nobolino L0
1982 F O´Soul Silly Sally O´Soul Escada L0
1982 F O´Soul Solitary Soul O´Soul Escada L0
1982 F O´Soul Sound of Soul O´Soul Escada L0
1984 F Charlotta (20417B/84) O´Soul Nobolino L0
1984 N Kolo Lines Glenady Luonnonpuiston NotaBene L0
1985 F O´Soul Uubi Duubi Duu O´Soul Silly Sally L0
1985 F Pomperipossa O´Soul Sound of Soul L0
1986 F O´Soul Vae Victis O´Soul Nobolino L0
1986 F O´Soul Viva Vendetta O´Soul Nobolino L0
1987 D Vincas Drifa Kolo Lines Glenady L0
1987 F O´Soul W-litter O´Soul Vae Victis O´Soul Silly Sally L0 3 with ARDS
1987 F Tachetee Alouette O´Soul Uubi Duubi Duu L0
1988 D Vincas Fellow Kolo Lines Glenady L0
1988 F O´Soul X-Cellent O´Soul Solitary Soul L0
1988 F O´Soul X-presso O´Soul Solitary Soul L0
1989 D Audhumlas Arngrim Vincas Drifa L0
1989 D Audhumlas Aurgelmir Vincas Drifa L0
1989 F Tachetee Comme Caramel O´Soul Uubi Duubi Duu L0
1990 D Curias Fiffi Felice O´Soul X-presso L0
1990 F Chilfinas Benedict Charlotta L0
1990 F O´Soul A-litter O´Soul X-cellent O´Soul Viva Vendette L0 2 with ARDS
1990 F Tachetee Emotif Empereur Pomperipossa L0
1990 F Tachetee European Espoir Pomperipossa L0
1991 CZ Plumpudding Porsche Vincas Fellow L0
1991 F Tachetee G-litter Audhumlas Arngrim O´Soul Uubi Duubi Duu L0 3 with ARDS
1992 D Danish ARDS-litter Audhumlas Aurgelmir Curias Fifi Felice L0 1 with ARDS
1992 F Coastal Cannabis Tachetee Alouette L0
1992 F Dagazza Grand Prix Chilfinas Benedict L0
1992 F Tachetee H-litter Tachetee Emotif Empereur Tachetee Comme Caramel L0 3 with ARDS
1993 F Konkkaronkan A-litter Plumpudding Porsche Tachetee European Espoir L0 4 with ARDS
1995 F Dagazza Jappeloup Dagazza Grand Prix L0
1997 F Coastal F-litter Dagazza Jappeloup Coastal Cannabis L0 2 with ARDS
L0: Dogs which are known carriers plus litters with ARDS after L0
L1: next generation
D: Denmark N: Norway CZ: Czech Republic
S: Sweden F: Finland T: Germany
1977 F (Finland) O´Soul K Luonnonp. Leoncavallo O´Soul Escada L1   (not carrier: Kavaljero)
1981 F Kutterinkulman O O´Soul Nobolino Luonnonp. Ullrika L1
1981 F Luonnonpuiston N O´Soul Nobolino Luonnonp. Talitha L1
1981 F O´Soul Q O´Soul Gladiatro O´Soul Escada L1
1981 F Oliver ++ O´Soul  Nobolino Luonnonp. Ullrika L1
1982 F Agrodals A O´Soul Nobolino Luonnonp. Kate L1
1982 F Dacaros ++ (P. Hakola) O´Soul Nobolino Luonnonp. Ursula L1 SF-14223V-14219R/82
1983 F Benticaboy ++ (P. Hakola) O´Soul Nobolino Luonnonp. Ursula L1 15422D-15429L/83
1983 F Birger  ++ (E. Savolainen) O´Soul Nobolino Luonnonp. Kate L1 14819X-148222/83
1983 N (Norway) Kolo-Lines  C Dallas My Swedish Star Luonnonp. Nota Bene L1
1984 F Cossack ++ (U. Backman) O´Soul Nobolino Adalia L1+L3 20417B-20421F/84
1984 F Dalamigos C O´Soul Nobolino Luonnonp. Ursula L1
1984 N Kololines G Spotniks Banker Boy Luonnonp. Nota Bene L1
1985 F Amikain Kolmonen ++ O´Soul Sound Of Soul Eevariitan Rose-Marie L1 18426V-184302/85
1985 F O´Soul U O´Soul Marco Polo O´Soul Silly Sally L1
1985 F Pedro ++ (G.Wasstrøm) O´Soul Sound of Soul Dalimattas Grandessa L1
1985 N Kolo-Lines  J Kolo-Lines Hero Banker Luonnonp. Nota Bene L1
1986 F Eevariitan V O´Soul Nobolino Eevariitan Sandrina L1
1986 F Eevariitan W O`Soul Nobolino Eevariitan Sandrina L1
1987 D (Denmark) Vincas D  (+Puk) Vincas Castor Olbero Kolo-Lines Glenady L1
1987 F Eevariitan A O´Soul Nobolino Eevariitan Sandrina L1
1987 F Eevariitan Z O´Soul Nobolino Eevariitan Unadora L1
1987 F Tachetee A O´Soul Kavaljero O´Soul Uubi Duubi Duu L1
1987 N Kolo-Lines  L Kolo-Lines Hero Banker Luonnonp.  Nota Bene L1
1988 D Vincas F Vincas Castor Olbero Kolo-Lines Glenady L1
1988 F Dagazza C O´Soul Nobolino Annabella L1
1988 F Disain B O´Soul Nobolino Disain Amanda L1
1988 F O´Soul Y Tachetee Allegre O´Soul Viva Vendetta L1+L1
1988 F Tachetee B Bosville Colbost Curlew Pomperipossa L1
1989 D Comicals P,S,D,R.J Vincas Fellow Førbys Fresh Naughty Nellie L1
1989 D Vincas G Vincas Castor Olbero Kolo-Lines Glenady L1
1989 F Arteparon ++ (H. Roine) O´Soul Vae Victis O´Soul Ucca Bucca Buu L1+L2 SF13159-13168/89
1989 F Dagazza D Tacheteé Amphitryon Dagazza Babydoll L1+L4
1989 F Hymyhuulen A (see Arteparon O ´Soul Vae Victis O ´Soul Ucca Bucca Buu L1+L2 SF13159-13168/89
1989 F Tachetee C Luonnonp. Senor O´Soul Uubi Duubi Duu L1
1989 F Tachetee D Tacheteé Amphitryon O´Soul Uubi Duubi Duu L1+L1
1989 N Kolo-Lines  M Kolo-Lines Kewin Luonnonp.  Nota Bene L1
1990 D Amalie,Alberte ++ Vincas Fellow Tinne L1
1990 D Curias F O´Soul X-Presso Curias Charming Charlotte (S) L1
1990 D Curias G Audhumlas Aurgelmir Amalie L1
1990 D Frihedens M Audhumlas Aurgelmir Haymos Rona L1
1990 D Haymos H Vincas Fellow Mess´s Ceci-Bon of Petra L1
1990 D Perle ++ (see Comicals P) Vincas Fellow Førbys Fresh Naughty Nellie L1
1990 F Briarhood A Curias Eventyrlige Erasmu O´Soul What A Soul L1
1990 F Bullacedales A O´Soul X-Cellent Veronica L1+L3
1990 F Dagazza E Bosville Colbost Curlew Tacheteé Alouette L1
1990 F Little Villages D Audhumlas Arngrim Caesands La Gardenia L1
1990 F O´Soul B Tacheteé Amphitryon O´Soul Talahassilassi L1+L4
1990 F Tachetee E Curias Eventyrlige Erasmus Pomperipossa L1
1991 D Audhumlas Allerfineste Strik Olbero Organized Confusio Vincas Drifa L1
1991 D Audhumlas Arctic Winter ++ Olbero Organised Confusio Vincas Drifa L1
1991 D Audhumlas Teddy Blue ++ Olbero Organised Confusio Vincas Drifa L1
1991 F H, A, T, (Jaakko Kallio) Tachetee Amphitryon Animas Halina L1 SF02267-02273/91
1991 F Nobolinos N Audhumlas Arngrim Dagazza Chaka Khan L1+L2
1991 F Windwhistle A Audhumlas Arngrim Windwhistle Candyprofit L1+L3
1991 F Zabavan A Audhumlas Arngrim Cinron Aquamanda L1+L5
1991 F Zazas B Audhumlas Arngrim Dalimattas Aurora L1
1992 D Audhumlas Amled ++ Audhumlas Adonis Vincas Drifa L1
1992 F Dalimattas H Tachetee Emotif Empereur Dalimattas Larissa L1
1992 F Milk White A Plum Pudding Porsche O´Soul Better Be Good L1+L2
1992 F Tähtirata Mimosa ++ O ´Soul X-Presso Jennifer , 13564/87 L1+L3 SF43141/92
1992 F Taritas A Copperfield, 15944/90 Hymyhuulen Agrippina L1+L3 SF38625/92
1993 D Amadeus  ++(K.Madsen) Audhumlas Aurgelmir Dalmatins Nelly L1
1993 D Curias H Audhumlas Aurgelmir Curias Charming Charlotte (S) L1
1993 F Bistron D Tachetee Gourmant Gaspe Akifina L1
1993 F Caesands Y Chilfinas Benedict Telbar Liquorice of Elaridge L1
1993 F Chatterlys M Chilfinas Benedict Caesands Lady Chatterly L1
1993 F Coastal D T-Cart Quinton Tachetee Alouette L1
1993 F Tachetee  I Plumpudding Porsche Tachetee Fiminine Femme L1+L2
1993 F Torquato Tasso del Parnaso Tacheteé Amphitryon Melody del Parnaso L1
1994 F Augustclown ++(T. Tuuva) Timankas Talented Clown (S) Tachetee Comme Caramel L1 SF 54504/94R
1994 F Coastal E T-Cart Quinton Coastal Cannabis L1
1994 F E, P, Z, C (M. Ala-Krekola) O´Soul Art Director Finan Georgina L1 SF266908-26916-/94
1994 F Ozaenas B Audhumlas Arngrim Zabavan Amalka L1+L2
1994 F Perro ++ (M. Ala-Krekola) O´Soul Art Director Finan Georgina L1
1995 F Dagazza K Caesands Brilliant Star Dagazza Gypsy Queen L1
1995 F Holmankarin B Chilfinas Benedict Zabavan Baronka L1
1997 F Mightyduck  ++(O. Ninimäki) Caesands Van Basten Coastal Catalina L1
1979 F Alex ++ O´Soul Marco Polo O´Soul Klarissa L2
1980 N Pinocchio ++ Luonnonp. Negus Negesti (Ss) Timankas Painted Doll L2
1981 F O´Soul R Merrybriar Swish O´Soul Karolina L2
1982 N Kolo-Lines  B Luonnonp. Negus Negesti (Ss) Timankas Nevertheless L2
1983 N Kolo-Lines D Luonnonp. Negus Negesti (Ss) Chess Amanita Clover L2
1983 N Toivo ++ Luonnonp. Negus Negesti (Ss) Timankas Overdose L2
1984 F Jizabel ++(J. Salin) Luonnonp. Utopia O´Soul Quantessa L2
1984 N Liberlines J Liberlines Baraquada Luonnonp.  Notre Dame L2
1985 F Agrodals C O´Soul Soul Of Souls Agrodals Adelheid L2+L2
1985 F Bäbi, Idi ++ (H. Järvelä) O´Soul Rumoroso Barbi  (14816T/83) L2+L3
1986 F Cheri  ++(R. Naesman) Luonnonp. Ramses Julia L2
1986 F Dalamigos A Caesands Champion Dalamigos Country Girl L2
1986 F Jeremias  ++(P.Savolainen) O´Soul Soul of Souls Kutterinkulman Ofelicia L2+L2
1986 N Prikken ++ Dallas Nordic Sky Kolo-Lines Grenoline L2
1987 F Ami ++ Dalimattas Monark Beatrix L2
1987 F Checkmate ++(M. Holmstrøm) Bosville Colbost Curlew O´Soul Ubbla Bubbla L2
1987 F Donjuan ++ Dalmarcus Tallero L2
1987 F Kutterinkulman K Dalimattas Monark Kutterinkulman Odessa L2
1987 F Windwhistle C Bosville Colbost Curlew O´Soul Ubbla Bubbla L2
1987 N Brage ++ Busbys Aiko Kolo-Lines Glory (S) L2
1987 N Liberlines Q Luonnonp. Negus Negesti (Ss) Dallas Petticoat Lane L2
1988 F Bianca  ++ Dagazza Brutus Kutterinkulman Ofelicia L2+L4
1988 F Kasper  ++(R. Naesman) Luonnonp. Ramses Julia L2
1988 F O´Soul Z O´Soul Ulle Dulle Doff O´Soul Twice As Nice L2+L4
1989 D Haymos J Vincas Dodo Sen-Ryu Angelica L2
1989 F Atu ++ Priamos Mohandis Amanda L2+L4
1989 F Hederas A O´Soul X-Pressly Toots Cinderella Rockefeller L2
1989 F Karkonkosken A Disain Box Annabella L2
1989 F Topi  ++ (R. Naesman) Luonnonp. Ramses Julia L2
1989 F Windwhistle E Dagazza Brutus O´Soul Ubbla Bubbla L2+L4
1989 N Perditas M Kolo-Lines Jerrymaster Perditas Over And Over Again (S) L2 89/06331
1990 F Copperfield ++ Caesands Lord Lafiama Amikain Kolmonen L2
1990 F Fakilan F Tachetee Bassinoire Mohandis Amanda L2+L4
1990 F Hymyhuulen H Curias Eventyrlige Erasmus O´Soul Ucca Bucca Buu L2
1990 F Tachetee F Tacheteé Bossanova Tacheteé Angelique L2+L2
1990 F Windwhistle F Bosville Colbost Curlew O´Soul Ubbla Bubbla L2
1991 D Audhumlas A Olbero Orangeprince Audhumlas AllerdejligsteSilke L2
1991 D Dalmatins M Haymos Falkonetti Vincas Felicitas L2
1991 D Kernehusets N Olbero Ozonelayer Vincas Flora Fiona L2
1991 F Adalmus ++(J. Pölönen) Dagazza Cherokee  Indian Karkonkosken Adalmiina L2+L3
1991 F Cinron E Dalamigos Casanova Cinron Auri L2+L5
1991 F Nabucco ++(J. Pölönen) Dagazza Cherokee  Indian Annabella L2
1991 N Liberlines C Luonnonp. Negus Negesti(Ss) Liberlines Tarport Frenzy (Ss) L2
1991 N Liberlines  D Luonnonp. Negus Negesti (Ss) Liberlines Vectra L2
1992 D Dalmatins D Aramis Vincas Felicitas L2
1992 D Dalmatins N Aramis Vincas Felicitas L2+L4
1992 D Kernehusets O Curias Decorated Dingo Vincas Flora Fiona L2
1992 D Vincas L Vincas Fox Petra-Pigan L2
1992 F Chilfinas C T-Cart Nick-Nack Chilfinas Aniaxa (L1) L2
1992 F Nobolinos O T-Cart Nick-Nack Dagazza Chaka Khan L2
1992 F Spotdance A Curias Eventyrlige Erasmus Tachetee Cendrillon L2
1993 D Comicals C Aramis Comicals Perle L2+L4
1993 D Cunards L,M,H,J,R Audhumlas Amled Conquerors Crystal of Cunard L2
1993 D Dalmatins O Skipper Vincas Felicitas L2
1993 D Kernehusets P Kernehusets Lazzie Vincas Flora Fiona L2
1993 D Thor ++ (P&K Nielsen) Dalmatins U-Boston Boy Curias Georgia Girl L2
1993 F Achille ++  (J.Ropponen) Aramis, SF20733/91 Disain Bianca L2
1993 F Dagazza H Elaridge Prince Rufus Dagazza Ella Fitzgerald L2
1993 F Donadello  ++(P. Väänänen Zabavan Admiral Mohandis Adaira L2+L4
1993 F Lumikuningattaren A Zazas Bonnie Boy Cindi L2
1993 F Nobolinos P Caesands Tops Smile Nobolinos Ninoona L2
1993 F Ozaenas A Caesands Kamikaze Audhumlas Arimekko L2
1993 F Spothouses A Zazas Bonnie Boy Hederas Begonia L2
1993 F Tähtirata  C++ Little Villages Swimneysweeper Tähtirata Andromeda (1991) L2
1993 F Zazas W Audhumlas Arctic Winter Dalimattas Aurora L2
1994 D Audhumlas A Weaponess Vincent Audhumlas Allerdejligste Silke L2
1994 F Almond ++ (A.&A. Jäntti) Zabavan Biberbluza Zabavan Aneliss L2
1994 F Andante ++(E-M.&A. Ripatti) Little Villages Caballero Dagazza Evita Peron L2
1994 F Eevariitan E Quick von der Grafschaft Eevariitan Aisha L2
1994 F Holmankarin A Little Villages Caballero Dagazza Evita Peron L2 SF26022/94
1994 F Milk White B Quick von der Grafschaft O´Soul Better Be Good L2
1994 F Paddington  ++(P. Laakso) Dalhills Clemente Briarwood a  la Carte L2
1994 ?T Benrader Feld, S vom vom Benrader Feld, Marquis Vincas Gipsy (L1) L2 DZB17309
1994 ?T Gut Falkenegg, G vom Vincas Garcon vom Gut Falkenegg, Estopa L2 VDH/DZB15528
1994? T Rosengrund, A von Vincas Fox von Schlanitzsee, Nane L2 VDH/DZB16401
1994? T Sieg, B von der Vincas Garcon von der Sieg, Aphrodite L2 VDH/DZB14280
1995 D Comicals D Gayfield Charles Brown Comicals Perle (L1) L2
1995 D Sammy ++ (P.og K.T. Nielsen) Dalmatins U-Boston Boy Curias Georgia Girl L2
1995 D Vincas O Audhumlas Teddy Blue Vincas Kandy L2+L5
1995 F Nenotlavs D Dalmings Easter Regards Taritas Afrodite L2
1995 F Spot Snaps C Quick von der Grafschaft Taritas Amitja L2
1995 F Tähtirata  L++ Elaridge Prince Rufus Tähtirata Andromeda (L!) L2
1995 F Tinydots T Zabavan Bolij Pas Taritas Adele  (L1) L2 FIN24466/95
1995? T Hohen Mechtin, H vom Vincas Fox vom Hohen Mechtin, Al-Azh L2 DZB14959
1996 D Basse ++ (L.Søndergaard) Audhumlas Amled Bewerly L2
1996 D Comicals E Comicals Brown Sugared Leroy Comicals Perle L2+L5
1996 D Railey ++ (Thaulow Nielsen) Weaponess Vincent Curias Georgia Girl L2
1996 D Volucris Kenzo  ++ Audhumlas Teddy Blue Chanel von Abasco L2
1996 F Dagazza L Gracilis Babka Dagazza Ella Fitzgerald L2
1996 F Dalbella F Riverdore Right As Rain Briarhood A La Carte L2
1996 F Moppekerhon M Dalmos Irish Coffee Taritas Afrodite  (L1) L2
1996 F Ozaenas D Caesands Claret Gobbler Zabavan Amalka L2
1996 T Benrader Feld, W vom Super Trooper at Knightstone Vincas Gipsy L2 VDH/DZB19005
1997 D Daltheas C Handsomelivy  (26639/91) Najcas Melissa L2
1997 D Meonia E Vincas Ghandi Haymos Wienna L2
1997 D Vincas P Audhumlas Teddy Blue Vincas Kandy L2+L5
1997 E Olbero Only You Once Cocheperro Oreblo of Olbero Audhumlas Allerfineste Strik L2
1997 F (A. Lihtonen) Audhumlas Arctic Winter Tachetee Esquimeau L2+L2
1997 F Alfonsus  (L.Mäkinen) Caesands Coconut Tequila Bistron Diorina L2
1997 F Holmankarin C Hederas Euonymus Nanus (L) Holmankarin Bellamie L2+L4
1997 F Spot Snaps D Zabavan Exerglava Taritas Amitja L2
1998 F Coastal G Riverdore Right As Rain Coastal Diamond ´n Pearls L2 FIN23019/98
1999 F Tähtirata C,U,S Tähtirata Admiral Tähtirata South-West Wind, 20278/95 L2 FIN37754/99
1984 F Boogieboy  ++(P. Nieminen) O´Soul Rumoroso Annabella L3
1984 F Busek  ++(L. Salminen) O´Soul Rumoroso Luonnonp. Kapris L3
1984 F Dagazza B O´Soul Rumoroso Annabella L3
1984 F O´Soul T Anelanais Tweed O´Soul Rayamanana L3
1985 F Cindy ++ O´Soul Rumoroso Luonnonp. Kapris L3 18625B/85
1985 F Eevariitan U O´Soul Romancero Eevariitan Sandrina L3
1985 F Figoletto  ++(M. Lagstrøm) O´Soul Romancero Eevariitan Ramona L3
1985 N Kolo-Lines  I ClydevaleTristan Kolo-Lines Bunnie Girl L3
1987 F Antonio ++ (M.Ryvnänen) O´Soul Rumoroso Luonnonp.  Ramina L3
1987 F Jennifer ++ Little Villages Buffoon Bricilla L3
1987 F Jerry ++ Luonnonp. Micolas Benizet L3
1987 F Mohandis A O´Soul Rumoroso Luonnonp. Ramira L3
1987 F Veronica ++ O´Soul Kavaljero Jizzabel (L2) L3
1987 N Lonelias T Spotniks Copyright Trixie  (L2) L3
1989 F Panadol Nepa ++ O´Soul Rumoroso Luonnonp. Kapris L3
1990 N Aramis ++ Brage  (L2) Busbys Bellatrix L3
1990 S Djurgårdens B Liberlines Why-Not Liberlines Quickstep L3+L5
1990 S (Sweden Djurgårdens A T-Cart Kansas Liberlines Quickstep L3
1991 F Dagazza F Curias Eventyrlige Erasmus Windwhistle Eternal Escada L3
1991 F Jappi  ++(K. Tuula) Rigoletto Dalamigos Alice L3
1991 F Nenotlavs A Bosville Colbost Curlew Hederas Aktaea Rupra L3
1991 F (T.Kawabata) Rigoletto Dalamigos Alize L3
1991 F Tähtirata H Bosville Colbost Curlew Jennifer L3
1991 N Salido ++ Brage Busbys Dixi L3
1992 D Danish litter Aramis (L) Haymos Jihn-tøs L3+L4
1992 F Kisanne B Kisanne Action Jackson Windwhistle Chattanooga L3
1992 F Marnellin D Dalhills Anello Hederas Acer Ginnala (L2) L3
1992 F Nenotlavs B Quick von der Grafschaft Hederas Aktaea Rupra L3
1992 N Somatic  ++ (Granberg) Perditas Last Trump 18945/91 Perditas Match My Style   06334/89 L3
1992 S Djurgårdens C Falabellas Uppercut Liberlines Quickstep L3
1993 D Adafhev  ++(SR Larsen) Audhumlas Adonis Audhumlas Anastasia L3
1993 D Baldrian ++ (N&J Holm) Audhumlas Teddy Blue Alberte L3
1993 D Yins S   (BS Madsen) Memory Dalsjøs Obelix Haymos Jihn-Tøs L3
1993 D Yins T Handsomelivy Haymos Jihn-Tøs L3
1993 F Cinron H Cinron Exeter Cinron Damietta L3
1993 F Marnellin G Tähtirata Corona Hederas Acer Ginnala L3+L5
1993 F Marnellin M Cinron Exeter Cinron Damietta L3
1993 F PikkuPiskin E Cinron Fellow Cinron  Emlyn L3
1993 F Santakallio A Nenotlavs Amor-Adam Dalisles Amira L3+L4
1994 D Alphonso  ++(J.Caspersen) Weaponess Vincent Audhumlas Aud L3
1994 D Gyldenmoses B Amir Kernehusets Nille L3
1994 F Amadeus ++ (M. Pahkasalo) Little Villages Chappie Karkonkosken Afrodite L3
1994 F Asterix  ++(K. Fogelholm) Cinron Gladiator Cinron Eliana L3+L3
1994 F Bullacedales B T-Cart Quinton Veronica (L2) L3
1994 F Marnellin M Cinron Eretz Marnellin Dignitas Rosea L3
1995 D Yins F Haymos Whisky Haymos Jihn-Yøs L3
1995 F Fresco  ++   (T. Bergstrøm) Caesands Tops Smile Hymyhuulen Helicon L3
1995 F Nobolinos R Dalmos Irish Coffee Nobolinos Over the Rainbow (S) L3
1995 F PikkuPiskin F Cinron Fellow Cinron Emlyn L3
1995 F Roi  ++  (E. Somppi) Gracilis Affetuoso Cinron Empress L3
1995 F Santakallio E Nenotlavs Amiral-Pluton Dalisles Amira L3+L4
1995 F Varius A Hederas Euonymus Nanus Hederas Acer Ginnala L3
1996 D Basil  ++(Caspersen) Weaponess Vincent Audhumlas Aud L3
1996 D Gyldenmoses E Kernehusets Lazzi Kernehusets Nille L3
1996 F Nenotlavs F Nenotlavs Duster-Terminat Nenotlavs Cuiccilli-Bimuli L3
1996 F Zabavan H Zabavan Bolji Pas Anijara L3
1996 T Animal Farm, D of vom Benrader Feld, Rasti of Animal Farm, Beauty L3 VDH/DZB19092
1996 T Bergring, G vom vom Hügel, York vom Bergring, Asmana (L2) L3 VDH/DZB19695
1996 T Brennesselschloss, A vom vom Gut Falkenegg, Gharib vom Spreetal, Kodi L3 VDH/DZB19744
1996 T Falkenburg, P von der Olbero Ozonelayer Coachrunners Dorothee Dijou (L2) L3 CDF0810/96
1996 T Fräland, A vom von der Wildnis, Baringo von Rosengrund, Arina L3 VDH/DZB19455
1996 T Hause Baltino, N vom von Benrader Feld, Sammy vom Hause Baltino, Jill L3 VDH/DZB19671
1996 T Lausitzer Hof, A vom vom Gut Falkenegg, Gharib von der Pikardie, Trini L3 VDH/DZB19647
1996 T Ostermichel, C von vom Benrader Feld, Rasti von Sankt Hubertus, Isa L3 VDH/DZB19377
1996 T Rekener Mühle, C von der van Waldhagen, Wolf vom Wittringer Teich, Nina (L2) L3 VDH/DZB19706
1996 T Rustelmark, B vom vom Benrader Feld, Rasti (L2) vom Rossbach, Cindy L3 VDH/DZB19762
1996 T Schneeberg, I vom vom Gut Falkenegg, Gharib vom Nordenstadt, Adine L3 VDH/DZB19812
1996? T Sieben Domänen,  A von den vom Gut Falkenegg, Gharib vom Wischof, Citty L3 DZB19617
1996 T Sieben Domänen, A von der vom Gut Falkenegg, Gharib vom Wischof, Citty L3 VDH/DZB19616
1996 T Sieg, F von der von der Sieg, Belus von Muhlenbach, Senta L3 VDH/DZB18892
1996 T Wetzelwald, B von Salsusa Startrekker of Theakston von Rosengrund, Anka L3 VDH/DZB18965
1997 D Birk ++  (Ole Wielund) Bazius Chagall Dalmatins O´Hara L3+L5
1997 D Gyldenmoses G Curias Invincible Ivanhoe Kernehusets Nille L3
1997 D Kernehusets Q Curias Love Of My Life Volucris Sauternes L3
1997 D Luffe ++ (Lise Bundgaard Weaponess Vincent Audhumlas Astrid L3
1997 D Orion ++ (B.Z. Christiansen Comicals Deejay Domingo Brenda-Bakalia-Dalma-Perfecta L3
1997 F Apple Blossoms R Kisanne Conner O´Conner Spothouses Apple Blossom L3
1997 F Dagazza N Chatterlys Nobleman Dagazza Havana Black L3
1997 F Fidelis P Tinydots Tiny-Tarzan Misakan Black And White L3
1997 F Fidelis Q Tinydots Tiny-Tarzan Misakan Assa L3
1997 F Holmankarin C Hederas Euonymus Nanus Holmankarin Bellamie (L2) L3
1997 F Luminkuningattaren B Benjiboy Lumikuningattaren Anemone L3
1997 F Nenotlavs H Tähtirata Luke-Skywalker Nenotlavs Daynelli-Feelgo L3
1997 F Santakallio J Nenotlavs Diamond-Drill Santakallio Barbara-Bara L3
1997 T Hohen Mechtin, N vom vom Hohen Mechtin, Heros-Higg vom Hohen Mechtin, Eskapade-E L3 DVD802-97
1998 F Fidelis R Nenotlavs Deep Sleeper Fidelis Narnia L3
1998 F Lumikuningattaren C Retma Paparazzi Lumikunigattaren Anemone,42367/93 L3 FIN41792/98
1998 F Moppekerhon O Chatterlys Nestor Moppekerhon Mandi L3 FIN27736/98
1999 F Lumivuon A Riverdore Right As Rain Dagazza Like A Virgin L3
1999 T Tupfenhaus, B vom vom Benrader Feld, Sammy Fama-Tasha di Cynarchos L3 DVD1204-99
2000 F Dibaddy  ++(S. Huuskonen) Spotdance Bodyguard Ozaenas Diorissimo (L2) L3 FIN27397/00
2000 F Sofiina ++  (P. Martikkala) Hymyhuulen Hellespontus (L2) Santakallio Justina-Tiina L3+L5
2000 T Kirbach, E vom Vincas Othello (L2) vom Kirbach, Opunkti L3 CDF1259-00
2000 T Lubsche Trade, E Vincas Othello  (L2) von Rawensbruck, Perle L3 CDF1418-00
2001 F Dagazza P Doh Hills Adventurer, 25705/94M B Dagazza Like A Virgin (L2) L3 FI27042/01M
2001 F Hallin Pilkut B Tinydots Tazzia-Mania (L2) Santakallio Havana-Gilo L3
2001 F Päivänvalo B Riverdore Right As Rain Holmankarin Cinderella (L2) L3 EJ33655/01BL
2002 F Hallin Pilkut C Tinydots Tazzia-Mania  (L2) Nenotlavs Judit-Lisa L3 FIN24690/02M
1987 F Mischel ++ Eevariitan Shariffi Eevariitan Usha L4
1987 N Liberlines O Liberlines Messerschmitt O´Soul Too Many Souls L4
1988 F Cinron A Caesands Diamond Fizz Cindy L4
1988 F Eevariitan B Eevariitan Shariffi Eevariitan Unadora L4
1989 F Eevariitan C Eevariitan Shariffi Eevariitan Unadaisy L4
1989 F Mohandis D Luonnonp. Benjamin Mohandis Adaira L4
1989 N Liberlines W T-Cart Handsome Higgins O´Soul Too Many Souls L4
1990 N Lonelias L Spotniks  Diamond Digger Lonelias Tanja L4
1990 N Toots H Toots Charlie Chaplin O´Soul Tootsie To Toots L4
1991 F O´Soul C Curias Eventyrlige Erasmus O´Soul Talahassilassi L4
1991 N Toots I Perditas Picasso O´Soul Tootsie To Toots L4
1991 N Toots  J Løjtnanthjärtats Bogh Gråberg (L) O´Soul Tootsie To Toots L4
1992 D Comicals B Aramis Førbys FreshNaughtyNellie L4
1992 D Memory Dalsjøs O Aramis Memory Dalsjøs High Hyacint L4
1992 D Vincas K Vincas Hjalte Aimini L4
1992 F Eevariitan D Eevariitan Shariffi Eevariitan Unadora L4
1993 D Bumle ++ (JB. Nielsen) Aramis Haymos Ysabel L4
1993 D Hegndals A Salido Holstings Hometown Amanda L4
1993 D Medics M Weaponness Vincent Audhumlas Agnethe L4
1993 F Asterix  ++(Saviaho & Isoaho) Nenotlavs Amiral-Pluton Spotniks Loveletter L4
1993 F Nenotlavs C Quick von der Grafschaft Nenotlavs Anjiritta-Gida L4
1993 F Santakallio B Seriffi de duo vom Rosenhagen Nenotlavs Aprilia-Exodus  (L3) L4
1993 F Spot Snaps A Nenotlavs Amiral-Pluton Spotniks Loveletter L4 SF15304/93
1994 D Memory Dalsjøs Q Aramis Busbys Eve L4
1994 D Vincas M Vincas Castor Olbero Aimini L4
1994 F Dagazza I Kisanne Conner O´Conner Dagazza Ferrera Roche L4
1994 F Marnellin L Hederas Euonymus Nanus Marnellin Domina Magna L4
1994 F Spothouses B Nenotlavs Amor-Adam Hederas Begonia Boweri L4
1994 S Djurgårdens D T-Cart Quempas Djurgårdens Belize L4
1995 F Cinron L Cinron Filibuster Cinron Honey L4
1995 F Marnellin P Hederas Euonymus Nanus Marnellin Domina L4
1995 F Nenotlavs E Salsusa Startrekker ofTheakston Nenotlavs Anjiritta-Gida L4 FIN45383/95R
1995 F Santakallio D Caesands Verduzzo Smile Nenotlavs Aprilia-Exodus L4
1995 N Ayvalik  ++   (Kirsten Log) Kjmos Dennis Sanur L4
1995 N Hugin   ++  (Åse Gil) Dalmos Hurrycane Samosir  (L3) L4
1995 S Bazius C T-Cart Handsome Higgins Djurgårdens Charity L4
1996 F Acadia ++ (R. Mattila) Nenotlavs Amiral-Pluton Misakan Brandy Buck L4
1996 F Santakallio G Dalhills Coccolo Mio Nenotlavs Aprilia-Exodus L4
1996 F Santakallio I Seriffi de duo vom Rosenhagen Santakallio Anjuska-Avril L4
1996 T Wittringer Teich, R vom vom Silberwald, Chico vom Wittringer Teich, Patty Akira L4 VDH/DZB19794
1997 D Aros ++ (Tina  Jensen) Aramis Haymos Ronja L4
1997 D Gyldenmoses F Kernehusets Lazzi Gyldenmoses Bella L4
1997 D Yins C Counts Classic Desmond Yins Skyi L4
1997 F Amos  ++(S. Hirvonen) Caesands Claret Gobbler Cinron Hilary L4
1997 F Marnellin E Retma Paparazzi Varius Aqua Marina L4
1997 F Nenotlavs I O´Soul De Zolt Nenotlavs Anjiritta-Gida L4+L6
1997 F Onnen Päivän A Dagazza Fonzarelli T-Cart Xhosa L4
1997 F Pegasus ++ (J. Tuorila) Kisanne Dirty Harry Barbara L4
1997 F (T. Jaana) Kisanne Dirty Harry Barbara L4
1997 S Pongolands D Aramis Pongolands Görsöta Göta L4
1997 S Rambo  ++(B.Aho&L.Westlund) Kenbirs Casanova Djurgårdens Cremona L4
1998 F Ozaenas E Doh Hills Astronaut Zabavan Hladovina L4 FIN32289/98
1998 F Santakallio L Clintons This Bud Avery Nenotlavs Aprilia-Exodus L4
1999 F Fidelis S Varius Alea Lacta Est Fidelis Omenankukka L4
1999 F Fidelis T Varius Alea Lacta Est Misakan Assa L4
1999 F Marnellin G Guardian Brave Heart Varius Aqua Marina L4 FIN38578/99
1999 F Nenotlavs K Gwynmor Ianto Nenotlavs Anjiritta-Gida L4
1999 F Santakallio Q Santakallio Cavanaugh Santakallio Joseffiina-Fina (L3) L4
1999 F Zabavan L Zabavan Hobotnica Zabavan Ekaterina L4
1999? T Hause Baltino, Y vom von Waldhagen, Wirbelwind vom Hause Baltino, Nina (L3) L4 DZB22974
2000 F Ottopojan U Zabavan Hobotnica Ottopojan Ooppera L4 FIN42869/00
2000 F Päivänvalo A Olbero Oedipus Holmankarin Cinderella (L3) L4
2000 F Santakallio R Santakallio Kilimandcaro Spot Snaps Dear Friend L4+L6 FIN16412/00
2000 F Stelton B Caesands Coconut Tequila Santakallio Eeva-Stina L4
2001 F Varius V Perditas Just In Time 00365/95 Varius Aqua Marina L4 FIN30762/01R
2001 F Zabavan P Doh Hills Astronaut, 25707/94M A Zabavan Hladovina, 16147/96R B L4 FIN38728/01M
2001 T Hause Baltino, A vom von der Falkenburg, Prince-Justin (L3) vom Hause Baltino, Pia L4 DVD1656-01
2001 T Hohen Mechtin, P vom vom Gramzower Kloster, Gentleman vom Hohen Mechtin, Ninja-Nova (L3) L4 DVD1488-01
2001 T Königskoppel,  C von der von der Schwarzen Au, Rover vom Lausitzer Hof , Alka (L3) L4 DVD1448-01
2002 F Maipet A Baskerville, FIN24510/99R Moppekerhon Olivia L4 FIN25014/02M
2002 F Santakallio A Baskerville,  FIN24510/99R Santakallio Rose-Mary  (L3) L4 FIN15790/02M
2002 T Hause Baltino, B vom von der Falkenburg, Prince-Justin (L3) Alta Magic Dalmatian L4 DVD1708-02
2002 T Hause Baltino, C vom von der Falkenburg, Prince-Justin (L3) vom Hause Baltino, Nina (L3) L4+L4 DVD1708-02
2002 T Kappenbusch, A von vom Dalheim, Agilo vom Tupfenhaus, Bandy (L3) L4 DVD1760-02
2002 T Kirbach, I vom vom Kirbach, Bandit vom Kirbach, Eika (L3) L4 DVD1803-02
2002 T Königskoppel, E von der von Schloss Thiergarten, Gismo vom Lausitzer Hof, Aika (L3) L4 DVD1786-02
2002 T Rapsacker, A von de duo vom Poel-Rosenhagen, Yogy-bär von Tupfenhaus, Bella (L3) L4 DVD1702-02
2002 T Rosenharz, F von von den sieben Domänen, Akabor (L3) von Schloss Thiergarten, Echalotte L4 DVD1729-02
1988 N Liberlines S Liberlines Othello Kanaljens Cilla L5
1988 N Liberlines T Liberlines Othello Liberlines Keep On Running L5
1989 N Liberlines V Liberlines Little Pershing Liberlines Over the Rainbow L5
1989 N Paper Moons B Liberlines Othello Spotniks Busy Bee L5
1989 N Toots E Liberlines O´Key Way Toots Build Me Up Buttercup L5
1990 F Cinron C Cinron Andy Quatro L5
1990 F Cinron D Dacabe Take Me Away Cinron Aquamanda L5
1990 N Heiko T-Cart Handsome Higgins Liberlines OneStepAhead L5
1990 N Njargagiedde D Liberlines O´key Way Animas Hilly L5
1990 N Perditas M Liberlines Othello Perditas Over And Over Again L5 90/09024
1990 N Svolværgeitas F Liberlines O´Key Way Spotniks Innova L5
1990 N Timankas T Liberlines Othello Timankas Single Ace L5
1991 F Dalisles A Dagazza Dollar Smile Abelline L5
1991 N Liberlines E Knight of Gold at Theakston Liberlines Work It Out L5
1991 N Liberlines Z Peedals Pompe Liberlines Over the Rainbow L5
1991 S Bjørkstagårdens G Liberlines Whizbang Bjørkstagårdens Dream Darling L5
1991 S Borgdalms K Liberlines Whizbang Borgdalms Carmen-Chita L5
1992 F Cinron F Dalimattas Markis Cinron Arlette L5
1992 S Fire ++ Liberlines Why-Not Becajos Beautiful Girl L5
1992 S Jollypopps J Liberlines Whizbang Jollypopps Eusmeralda L5
1992 S Solbos  K Toots Joy  To The World Solbos Unique Lady L5
1993 D Memory Dalsjøs P Memory Dalsjøs O´Molly Holstings Honey Bonnie-Bee L5
1993 F Cinron G Dalhills Anello Cinron Candy L5
1993 F Zabavan C Bosville Colbost Curlew Cinron Aquamanda L5
1993 N Liberlines I Liberlines Othello Liberlines Royal Prestige L5
1993 N Toots L Kjmos Deywid Toots Hollie Hobbie L5
1993 N Toots M Toots Handsome Twist´NTime(S Toots Fuzzy Wuzzy Ego L5
1993 S Solbos L Toots Joy To The World Solbos Cindy L5
1994 D Dallise C Comicals Brown Sugar Leroy Hazylivalove L5
1994 D Haymos D Vincas Kaos Casandra L5
1994 D Haymos L Vincas Kaos Haymos Roche L5
1994 D Memory  Dalsjøs  R Memory Dalsjøs Ludvig Memory Dalsjøs Ofelia Olbero L5
1994 F Cinron J Cinron Fantasy Cinron Drina L5
1994 F O´Soul D Kisanne Conner O´Conner O´Soul Cicciolina L5
1994 F Santakallio C Seriffi de duo vom Rosenhagen Hederas Deutzia Scabra L5
1994 F Zabavan D Zabavan Bez Humor Cinron Aquamanda L5
1994 S Ida ++(Eva Lundberg) Liberlines Whizbang Borgdalms Gitt L5
1994 S Løjtnantshjärtats I Toots Jokerman Løjtnantshjärtats Anitra L5
1994 S Solbos O Toots Joy To The World Solbos Isabella L5
1995 F Santakallio F Seriffi De Duo Vom Rosenhagen Spot Snaps Alexandra L5
1995 S Löjtnanthjärtats J Toots Jokerman LöytnanthjärtatsFlaminia L5
1996 D Amadeus  ++(M. Holmgren) Vincas Kaos Amanda (25220/94) L5
1996 D Bell-A-Mirs B Amir (18515/90) Comicals Bella Born by Nellie L5
1996 D Dalmatins F Bazius Chagall Dalmatins Babette L5
1996 D Dalmatins Leo Bazius Chagall Dalmatins Etoile L5
1996 D Fræk Fregnet N Vincas Hjalte Yins Tonic L5
1996 D Memory Dalsjøs T Busbys Freschman Memory DalsjøsOfelia Olbero L5
1996 D Whispering Steels C Whispering Steel from Bynton Memory Dalsjøs Odessa L5
1996 F Bendolinos A Guardian Classic Coach Caesands Yasmine L5
1996 F Dagazza M T-Cart Quinton Dagazza Inside Joke L5
1996 F Fidelis O Spot Snaps Araucaria Misakan Assa L5
1996 F Marnellin U Gracilis Babka Marnellin Lacuna Marina L5
1996 F Marnellin Z Vincas Hjalte Marnellin Laudante Dublex L5 FIN45614/96
1996 F Santakallio H Caesands Verduzzo Smile Santakallio Beatrice-Rice L5
1996 F Tähtirata A(+div) T-Cart Quinton Tähtirata Chief Chirpa L5
1996 F Zabavan G Dalmos Irish Coffee Cinron Aquamanda ,  L4 L5
1996 S Jollypopps O Liberlines Whizbang Jollypopps Hawaii af Glorianna L5
1997 D Alexander ++ (H. Larsen) Bazius Chagall Haymos Maja L5+L6
1997 D Baldo  ++(Finn Nielsen) Vincas Kaos Dalmatins Windy L5
1997 D Cæsar ++ (Jane Birk Nielsen) Counts Classic Dancer Bubi (02246/93) L5
1997 D Haymos P Vincas Kaos Haymos Roche L5
1997 D Haymos T Bazius Chagall Dalmatins Babette L5
1997 D Haymos Z Vincas Kaos Haymos Ronja L5
1997 D Hegndals C Comicals Brown Sugared Leroy Rocca Al MareAlta Zingara L5
1997 D Memory Dalsjøs W T-Cart Terpodian Memory Dalsjøs Ofelia Olbero L5
1997 D Ronaldo (+div,TSøndergaard Bazius Chagall Dalmatins Perle L5
1997 F Leon (+div,. M. Koskela) Dalhills Dappertutto Nenotlavs Chihuli-Vikin L5
1997 F Marnellin A Retma Paparazzi Marnellin Lilia Florens L5
1997 F Moppekerhon N Dalhills Dappertutto Nenotlavs Elaine-Tartelli L5 FIN42884/97
1997 F Nenotlavs G Nenotlavs Epoc-Nechol Peace L5
1997 F Santakallio K Quick von der Grefschaft Santakallio Delilah-Lilac L5
1997 F Tähtirata B Caesands Geri Birkelägg Tähtirata Nicki L5
1997 S Borka ++ (Susanne Nordgård) Lordlikes Clipperton Djurgårdens Devon L5
1997 S Cabrie De Seri D Bazius Coxwold Niraks Kardemumma L5
1997 S Solbos U Toots Joy To The World Solbos Nikita L5
1997 S Yohimbis  (Camilla Krog) Liberlines Whizbang Jollypopps Kawalerowicz af Island L5+L7
1997 T Gramzower Kloster, E vom Comicals Brown Sugar Leroy (L4) vom Gramzower Kloster, Antonia L5 CDF1086/97
1998 F Dalmiras A Caesands Tops Smile Marnellin Palma De Marina L5 10890/98M B
1998 F Escartos A Little Villages Groomsman Nenotlavs Elhcbet-Diasan L5 FIN20984/98
1998 F Holmankarin D Olbero Oedipus Nenotlavs Elyce-Fleur L5 39688/98M C
1998 F Santakallio M Seriffi de Duo vom Rosenhagen Santakallio Dolores-Refy L5 FIN25329/98
1998 F Varius B Doh Hills Adventurer Marnellin Laudante Dublex L5 FIN28657/98
1998 N Annebellass Solo Oliv. + + Akdag Bella L5 97/22178
1999 F Marnellin F Olbero Oedipus Marnellin Lilia Florens L5 FIN20436/99
1999 F Moppekerhon P Gwynmor Ianto Nenotlavs Elaine-Tartelli L5 FIN37244/99
1999 F Nenotlavs L Spot Snaps Araucaria Clintons Pride Peace L5 FIN34192/99M
1999 F Santakallio O Santakallio Cavanaugh (L5) Santakallio Henrietta-Hetta (L5) L5 FIN14364/99
1999 F Talvipuutarhan A Caesands Top Smile Tähtirata Nicki, 41662/93 L5 FIN20519/99
2000 F Escartos E Kamilkan Nuori Anton Nenotlavs Elhcbet-Diasan L5 FIN13494/00
2000 F Marnellin H Retma Paparazzi Marnellin Lilia Florens L5 FIN22538/00
2000 F Spot Snaps F Santakallio La-Love-Boy Spot Snaps Everybody Love L5 FIN40752/00
2000 F Tallpeak A Doh Hills Adventurer Marnellin Et Cetera L5 FIN26406/00
2001 F Agotto  ++(Laura Vatanen) Caesands Vice-Roy Santakallio Irispseudacorus, 40626/96R L5 FIN36926/01M
2001 F Ammonaika  ++(S. Kalliomäki) Kamilkan Nuori Anton Onnen Päivän Aida L5 FIN20920/01R
2001 F Marnellin I Jillocs A Man In The Mirror Marnellin Eximia Cumlaude L5 FIN3037/01M
2001 F Marnellin J T-Cart Black Baboo Marnellin Lilia Florence L5
2001 F Mis-Zer F Kamilkan Oranssiprinssi Tähtirata South-West Wind L5 FIN27399/01R
2001 F Moppekerhon Q Olbero Oedipus Nenotlavs Elaine-Tartelli L5 FINEJ30775/01M
2001 F Ozaenas H First Forest Future Builder Ozaenas Elizza L5 FIN19983/01
2001 F Pilkuttajan P Rocca Al Mare Adirato Marnellin Edire Elite L5 EJ24029/01
2001 F Santakallio U Baskerville ,  24510/97R C Nenotlavs Ibitza_Bimu ,  38331/97R C L5 FIN10134/01
2001 F Santakallio V Santakallio Cavalier Santakallio Gunvor-Vori L4) L5 FIN11963/01
2001 F Sirimon Agotto ++ (L. Vatanen) Caesands Vice Roy Santakallio Irispseudacorus L5 FI36926/01
2001 T Beverstedter Mühlen, R von der vom Teutoburger Wald, Bolero (L4) von den Beverstedter Mühlen, Joice L5 DVD1517-01
2002 F Aikamiespoika  ++ (N. Hilonen) Santakallio Santa-Sea-Quist (L6) Spot Snaps Friendly-Mamba (L5) L6+L7 FIN46072/02
2002 F Holmankarin F Gracilis Force Major Nenotlavs Elyce-Fleur L5 FIN23024/02R
2002 F Moppekerhon R Gwynmor Ianto Nenotlavs Elaine-Tartelli L5 EJ32141/02
2002 F Santakallio Z Baskerville, FIN24510/99R Santakallio G L5 FIN16242/02
2002 F Smalihain B Marnellin Pax In Nox (L4) Seven Secrets Alannah Myles L5 FIN20125/02
2002 T Hause Baltino, D vom vom Hause Baltino, Match vom Hause Baltino, Ypsy (L4) L5 DVD1961-02
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