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Dear Members! This is the section for the WAFDAL Newsletter, which we hope to send out a few times a year!

ARDS Chez le Dalmatien

L’auteur le docteur Tyge Greibrokk est professeur de chimie analytique à l’université d’Oslo en Norvège depuis 1986. Il est à la tête d’un groupe éminent de recherche, l’éditeur d’une revue […]

ARDS in Dalmatians

The author, dr. Tyge Greibrokk, has been professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Oslo in Norway since 1986. He is the head of a major research group, international […]

ARDS Tables

Known and theoretical carriers of ARDS In the first table, ”generation L0”, all known carriers are included. This is both the parents of the ARDS-litters, the dogs in these litters […]

WAFDAL History

1978, Meeting in Ising (Germany) as starting point for later creation of an international Dalmatian association In November 1976, the German Dalmatian Club (DDV v.1920 e.V) did invite all existing […]