Pedigree Databases

A very neat database where you can enter your own dogs and perform hypothetical mating, check out the lines on your dog’s pedigree and much more. I love the fact that found mistakes can be corrected and that there is room to enter additional information.

I am currently in the process of adding all my own dogs and have been able to trace some lines back to 1898! If your dogs are related to mine, you are in luck as all these dogs are already entered. Just make sure that all is spelled correctly, and Affix Grammar is applied.

There are some online DB’s that help you fill your dog’s pedigree. The largest online DB is owned and groomed by Irina Petrakova. Irina has put an immense amount of work into her DB and has always made it available to the public. An enormous service to Dalmatian breeders worldwide.

The Highgate Dalmatian DB has some additional pedigree’s. It can be a little tricky to find dogs as there is no search function, but I have discovered that Google search, does a reliable job of pointing me back to the DB, once I have visited it prior to the search.

NEW 2022: Another database is maintained by Erna Kuipers (NL) using Zoo Easy software ( More information and free access is available in the Facebook group “Dalmatian Database” or directly via Erna Kuipers.

A variety of European Kennel Cubs also have DB’s that can be used by everyone, free of charge.

You will come across mistakes in these DB’s. A lot of typing is involved, and I have even seen incorrect pedigrees at KC’s DB’s. If you are not certain, double check and pay attention to Affix Grammar – Caprilli’s, Caprillis, Caprilli is read as a different name on DB’s. This is where a LOT of duplicate information in publicly groomed DB’s can be avoided. This IS important as it will through out any calculations on inbreeding and/or linebreeding.

The WAFDAL would be grateful for further additions / links to other databases. If you have any additions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Special thanks to Stephanie Yates, who made following text and links for WAFDAL available. Hopefully the databases would be used intensive and data will be recorded as much as possible