The European Cooperation of Dalmatian Clubs decided in 1997 to send a questionnaire to the Dalmatian breed clubs regarding the health of their dogs. Not all the member clubs participated and only two countries reported sufficient answers to be considered statistically reliable. Of the 982 registered dogs which theoretically could have been included in the survey, the Dutch and the Norwegian clubs received answers on 324 dogs (33%), 145 males and 179 females. The dogs were 2-6 years old. In the Netherlands the data were collected and treated by dr. C. Wolschrijn. In Norway the data were collected and treated by dr. T. Greibrokk, in 1999-2000.
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The author, dr. Tyge Greibrokk, has been professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Oslo in Norway since 1986. He is the head of a major research group, international […]

Known and theoretical carriers of ARDS

In the first table, ”generation L0”, all known carriers are included. This is both the parents of the ARDS-litters, the dogs in these litters and the dogs between the parents and the ”mother of ARDS”. One theoretical carrier, O´Soul Kavaljero, has been freed, because of his breeding results. Generation L1 includes all litters where a generation L0 dog is father or mother, generation L2 is the next, and so on.
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