World Association For Dalmatians


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1. Goal and objectives

The association wants to encourage the breeding of pedigree Dalmatians in accordance with the F.C.I. approved standard 153. The objectives are in particular:

  1. The support of scientific research and to tackle the genetic problems.
  2. To encourage meetings of judges and breeding specialists.
  3. To act as a mediator of information and knowledge.
  4. To support co-operation of all clubs in case of specific breed problems and exchange experiences.
  5. To draft directions of breeding with Dalmatians. To this purpose the committee can appoint experts and subcommittees.
  6. To organize shows and meetings with Dalmatians. To this purpose the committee can appoint experts and subcommittees.


2. Membership

  1. Members are the Dalmatian Clubs voted in by the Meetings of Delegates (MD). They are full members from the day of election.
  2. Only breed clubs of Dalmatians which are approved by their affiliated organization of the F.C.I. can become members.
  3. Request for membership must be addressed in writing to the secretary. The request must contain following information:
    • Name and address of the club, the chairman/president, the secretary and the treasurer.
    • A short description of the history of the club
    • Number of members
    • Number of litters per year
    • List of activities organised in the past and planned for the future
    • Information about rules concerning health control for typical Dalmatian problems
    • List of breed judges
  4. Membership fee
    • € 130 per year if the club has 500 or more members (at the end of previous year)
    • € 100 per year if the club has from 200 to 499 members (at the end of previous year)
    • € 50 per year if the club has less than 200 members (at the end of previous year)
    The fees can be changed by the members during a Meeting of Delegates.

  5. The membership ends when:
    • The membership fee is not paid after 2 reminders
    • When the club is not anymore approved by the national kennel club

3. Observers

Observers are clubs that are not full members of the association but have an interest in working together with the association. A reason could be that their national Kennel Club does not allow clubs to be members of a foreign organization. These clubs do not have a voting right and do not pay a membership fee. However, to allow them to be present and to participate at a Meeting of Delegates, they have to pay an entry fee for this meeting. They can not discuss pure organization matters as constitution, organization of the association and they are not allowed to vote for the members of the committee and/or subcommittees. They can give information and/or advice on typical Dalmatian matters such as the breed standard, health issues and breeding recommendations. They can also exchange statistical data about breeding and health problems with the members of the association and the other observers.

The entry fees for observers to participate at a Meeting of Delegates are:

  • € 75 if the club has more than 200 members
  • € 50 if the club has less than 200 members

4. Organization

The organization consists of:

  1. The meeting of delegates
  2. The committee
  3. The permanent subcommittees:
    • The Health and Breeding subcommittee
    • The Judging subcommittee
  4. Temporary subcommittees

5. The `Meeting of Delegates` (MD)

  1. The supreme power rests upon the MD.
  2. The meeting of the MD shall be held with 2-3 yearly intervals at a place appointed by the MD. Every time the meeting must take place in another country. The agenda must be sent to the members at least 6 weeks before the meeting.
  3. Notice of any motion to be tabled at the MD shall be given in writing to the secretary at least 3 months in advance.
  4. Every member (club) may be represented by a maximum of 2 delegates.
    • Clubs with less than 200 members will have 1 vote
    • Clubs with 200 till 499 members will have 2 votes
    • Clubs with 500 or more members will have 3 votes.
  5. Decisions will be taken with a simple majority. If there is an equal vote:
    • In case of non personal matters, the vote of the chairman is decisive.
    • In case of personal matters (people), there will be a second vote. If there is still an equal vote, the decision will be made by a ‘toss of a coin’.
    • Clubs with 500 or more members will have 3 votes.
    Exception: a majority of 2/3 is needed for changes to the Rules and Regulations.
  6. Voting on persons will be done in writing. If there is less or an equal number of candidates for open positions, the chairman can propose the acceptance of the candidates by acclamation.
  7. Each club selects and replaces its delegates at will. However, a delegate which has been appointed by the MD to the committee or to a subcommittee is committed to serve the whole term, irrespective if the representation as delegate changes during the term. All members of the committee and the subcommittees need not necessarily be delegates of the clubs.

6. The committee

  1. The committee consists of
    • the chairman
    • the vice-chairman
    • the secretary
    • the treasurer
    • a person appointed by the club that organizes the following WAFDAL meeting and show.
  2. The chairmen of the subcommittees can, if necessary, be called in by the committee in an advisory function.
  3. The committee is elected by the MD for the period between the general meetings. Re-election is possible.
  4. The vice-chairman has the same responsibilities as the chairman, when the last is absent.

7. Finances

  1. The income of the association is based on the annual fees of the members, revenues and other contributions. The annual fees are agreed upon by the MD.
  2. The annual fees for the current year must be paid before January 31 to the treasurer.
  3. If the payment is not received four weeks after 2 reminders included a written notice of missing payment, annulment of membership will be confirmed at the next general meeting.
  4. The expenditure must stay within the possibilities of the revenues.
  5. The treasurer will give the members an annual account.

8. Languages

The official languages will be English and German.

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