Meeting + Show 2017 in Saarbrücken

On the first weekend of June, the long-prepared WAFDAL Meeting took place at the Hotel Victor’s Residenz in Saarbrücken. On June 1st, several delegates from different countries and other guests gathered at 7 pm for the welcome buffet. There were already many stimulating conversations on this evening.

On Friday morning, the actual meeting continued at 9 am in the conference room. There were 22 participants, including representatives from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, and the Czech Republic. After the welcome by the CDF President, Mr. Thomas Höppner, the member clubs and observer clubs were briefly introduced. Following that, WAFDAL President Josef Fertig, Secretary Ursula Voitle, and Treasurer Gerhard Herbst presented their reports. A heartfelt thanks to Stefanie Benner for translating the reports into English for the non-German-speaking participants!

The next agenda item was the matters concerning members, as well as the report from the Health and Breeding Commission, the report from the Judges’ Commission, and the report from the Webmaster. After validating various preliminary decisions, the elections took place. The results of the elections can be found here and in the meeting minutes (see below).

WAFDAL Lecture from Dr. Milivoje Urošević

WAFDAL Lecture from L. Aben & E. Kuipers