Meeting + Show 2021 in Eugendorf – Austria

WAFDAL-Meeting 2021 from 24th to 26th of June 2021 in Eugendorf/Salzburg

Due to the current corona infection numbers and the newly occurring mutations, it was necessary to postpone the WAFDAL meeting to June 2021.
Here is our new time scedule:

  • Arrival on June 24th
  • Meeting on June 25th
  • Exhibition: June 26th WAFDAL exhibition with CAC awarding
  • Judge: Arne Foss (he has already confirmed this date)
  • Exhibition: June 27th 50th anniversary exhibition with CAC awarding
  • Judge: Heidi Kirschbichler (date already confirmed!)

The rooms are already reserved in the hotel: If necessary (e.g. due to Corona regulations), the meeting can be done outdoors, on the nice terrace. The exhibitions take place open air / inner courtyard (3,000 m²) with a covered area for the exhibitors. A security concept is drawn up by the ÖDaC, so we are very optimistic that our meeting as well as the shows can take place.

At the moment we create the new invitation fort he WAFDAL-weekend and we will send it as soon as possible!

Best wishes, Ursula Voitle, WAFDAL-Secretary

Committee member as organizer of the coming event
Österreichischer Dalmatinerclub
Mrs. Margot Nemecek
Dorfstrasse 140
A-2151 Olgersdorf, Austria
Phone: +43 2577 84033